John H. Sinard, MD, PhD


May 2006


This work was originally published in 1996 by Saunders Publishing Company. Saunders was subsequently acquired out by Mosby, who was later acquired out by Elsevier. In 2005, when all of the printed copies of the work in stock had been sold, Elsevier made the decision not to reprint the book or request a second edition.

Over the years, a number of pathology residents have commented that they found this book to be a valuable resource when learning pathology and studying for the boards. In the interests of continuing to keep this work available to Pathologists and Pathology Residents who might still find it useful, I re-acquired the copyright, and have prepared this shareware version. The content is as originally published in 1996, although the format is slightly different. It is distributed under standard shareware terms:

Download pdf version (4.2 MBytes)

(C) COPYRIGHT: 1995, 2005 by John Sinard. All rights reserved.