ITS Personnel Services Manual

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The ITS Personnel Services system is a joint project between Pathology Human Resources and Pathology ITS to track personnel changes in the Department of Pathology. The Department is responsible to CAP, YNHH, Yale, and ePHi for maintaining an accurate list at all times of people that have access to computer, network, and information resources in the Deparment of Pathology. Official notification from HR is required for ITS to set up accounts, change any status in an employee account, or to terminate accounts. The database also serves as a basis for the Department’s internal mailing list, phone list, and account tracking for billing.

All ITS personnel are required to keep personnel information confidential. The internal database is secure and access is password restricted. The database is a FileMaker database with a web interface for ease of use. Privileges can be set up to allow direct viewing of the database by HR.

The ITS Personnel Services site serves the following purposes.

  • New employee accounts. ITS receives notification of incoming faculty and staff so ITS can set up user access by the time the employees arrives. This includes email, computers, CoPath, server access, pagers, and phones.
  • Termination of accounts. ITS receives notification of employee terminations. For ITS to comply with CAP and ePHi regulations, users’ access to all computer systems must be terminated before the end-of-day on their last day of employment.
  • Change of status. The database can be kept up-to-date with employee changes.
  • Request of ITS services. Supervisors may request services for an employee.
  • Assigning account information. ITS services can not be set up with out charging information.