Pathology Informatics Program

The Yale Pathology Informatics Program was created in response to a recognition that maintaining and enhancing the role of the pathologist as a diagnostic specialist in medicine required designing, building, deploying, and maintaining information management solutions which could provide the pathologist with up-to-date, detailed clinical information from a variety of sources and display it in such a way as to allow integration into evidence-based, patient-specific diagnostic and treatment decisions. From its inception, the program has been dedicated to delivering deployable solutions to the day-to-day practice of pathology.


The Pathology Informatics Program contains two arms: an operational unit, also referred to as ITS (Information Technology Services), and an academic research and development unit. The two arms work together under a single director. The operational unit provides ongoing support for the hundreds of departmental desktop computers, administers the department’s file servers, and manages the department’s clinical information system, which supports its clinical activities. The ITS unit also provides services for the academic unit, which is engaged in the development of information system solutions to support the institution’s clinical, outreach, and research missions, as well as basic informatics research. Solutions developed by the academic unit can be deployed and supported by the operational unit. The academic unit also has strong ties to other academic informatics groups at Yale.